Conscious Approach

Planetary Consciousness
Guides Our Work

Our approach to planetary consciousness goes beyond awareness and acceptance of our interconnection with the planet. It involves a profound reverence for the sacredness of humanity and living in harmony with the earth and all its elements, through a deep commitment to personal growth and higher consciousness.

We (SOLA) see ourselves as co-creators of a more loving, peaceful, and sustainable world, and we are constantly seeking ways to channel our energies into meaningful and transformative projects that benefit both humanity and the earth.


The Alchemy of Planetary Consciousness provides a powerful framework for tapping into the collective consciousness of our planet.

The framework is inspired by spiritual, experiential and radical transformational leadership principles, and illustrates the pathway from the microscopic to the macrocosmic.

The process of planetary consciousness begins with becoming conscious of our own impulses to love more, do more, be more, and to realise our fullest potential. The framework demonstrates how by transmuting consciousness we can achieve greater harmony and balance in our communities and on a global scale that will usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for all.

At the co-creator level, the APC outlines where SOLA creates social innovations in various sectors of passion along other emerging local and global co-creators. This is essential to our work, helping us to co-create enlightened, conscious social systems that reflect our highest ideals and aspirations.

We go beyond dominating modes of human engagement to create fields of loving resonance that allow for deeper relationships, harmonious communities and synergistic solutions to our collective challenges. In this way, we become architects of a new humanity that is based on principles of sustainability, creativity, love and opportunity.


As Transformation Designers we approach design problems by focusing on creating positive change and transformation in people, systems, and society as a whole. Our approach is rooted in heart and intentionality, and aims to create designs that transcend aesthetics and go beyond visual communication.

We use design thinking methodologies and techniques to address complex challenges and create innovative solutions that drive positive social impact, working across various fields, including graphic design, product design, service design, and social innovation.

We take a collaborative approach to understand needs, identify opportunities for change, and co-create solutions that address the root causes of problems. We stand firm in prioritizing our principles in our work, recognizing that design can play a powerful role in shaping a better world.

Every project is an immersive experience, where we dive deeply into what you truly want out of your project (and life). Our 3-step transformation design approach follows an overall flow of heart, strategy, and impact. Within these elements fall the six phases: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test, and implement. We work collaboratively with you to co-create sustainable and meaningful solutions.

We are dedicated to ensuring a comprehensive off-boarding experience that is rooted in education, empowerment, and access to our resources. Our aim is to support you and your brand in successfully transforming the world together by providing you with the knowledge and tools necessary to create meaningful impact. We believe that true empowerment comes from collaboration, and we are committed to fostering a co-creative relationship that honours your unique vision and values. With our guidance and support, we are confident that you will be equipped to continue making a lasting impact on the world long after our engagement has ended.

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