More Than A Sign Campaign

The “More Than a Sign” campaign is a photographic initiative designed for the Trinidad and Tobago Red Cross aimed at redefining the organization’s identity beyond the traditional Red Cross symbol. This campaign aspires to emphasize that the Red Cross represents more than humanitarian aid; it is a dynamic movement of individuals dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of others

Campaign Design / Collateral Design

The campaign is centered around high-quality, close-up, candid black and white portraits of Red Cross volunteers and supporters. These images aim to capture the individual stories, emotions, and commitment of each person against a vibrant red background, thereby creating a visual impact and reinforcing the Red Cross brand identity. This approach seeks to establish an emotional connection with the audience, emphasizing the transformative power of volunteering. The key message, “More Than a Sign, It’s a ________,” is intended to showcase the personal stories and diverse faces behind the Red Cross emblem, highlighting the importance and impact of volunteering.

Powerful / Emotional / Diverse

The “More Than A Sign” campaign is a poignant and visually striking initiative that redefines the essence of the Red Cross. By focusing on the human stories and diverse experiences of its volunteers, the campaign goes beyond traditional symbolism to showcase the real impact and emotional depth of the Red Cross community. Through its creative use of photography, typography, and logo design, the campaign successfully communicates the powerful narrative of compassion, transformation, and community engagement.

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