Nuba Caribbean Rebrand

Nuba, a brand dedicated to sustainable, natural, and cruelty-free skincare solutions, caters to the unique needs of people of color, including children. With its ethos deeply embedded in African-Sudanese culture, Nuba’s brand identity is a celebration of femininity and cultural heritage.

Brand Identity / Label Designs / 1:1 Consultation

The visual language of Nuba is woven from the cultural motifs of the Nuban people. The brand’s identity is anchored in the tradition of Nuban women, who adorn themselves with distinct markings symbolizing their femininity through various life stages. These tribal markings, intrinsic to their identity, are artfully integrated into the Nuba logo, creating a strong visual narrative that connects the brand to its cultural roots.

Feminine / elegant / Diverse

Nuba stands as a beacon of cultural pride and natural beauty. Its brand identity, deeply intertwined with the heritage of the Nuban people, not only honors its roots but also speaks to a global audience, inviting them to embrace the beauty of diversity and the power of natural, conscious skincare.

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